• LAHM 06 Sconce
  • LAHM 06 Sconce
  • LAHM 06 Sconce
  • LAHM 06 Sconce
  • LAHM 06 Sconce
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LAHM 06 Sconce

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The LAHM Collection epitomizes the art of refinement through simplicity, a study in the juxtaposition of minimalism and elegance.

LAHM 06 is distinguished by a square inset panel, serving as its central motif. Its design draws inspiration from traditional Japanese paper lanterns, invoking a sense of cultural nuance. The meticulous crafting process behind LAHM 06 has been a pursuit of perfection, where countless hours were devoted to fine-tuning proportions. The result is an object that not only echoes the finesse of a finely cut jewel but also embodies the very essence of exquisite artistry.

MATERIALS: Engineered Polymer, Steel
TYPE: Hardwired
SOCKET: Type G8, Max 7W
LIGHT SOURCE: G8 4.5W, 90+ CRI, 410 lm

DIMENSIONS: L 5" x W 5" x H 4.63"
WEIGHT: 1.71 lbs