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  • CY+ Pendant
  • CY+ Pendant
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CY+ Pendant

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A circle is a symbol that represents notions of wholeness, perfection, eternity, and timelessness. Our CYRL Collection is a simple rendition of the purest shape. Despite its apparent simplicity, the subtle design intricacies make it a more engaging piece to examine. As the form comes to an end - the edge gracefully curves inward, drawing the eye towards its sleek form as it swoops in with effortless fluidity. The surface interior is set apart from the the exterior with a slightly rougher bumpier texture. Although the shape symbolizes perfection, imperfection in its surface is embraced with a Wabi-Sabi philosophy. The back structure of the sconce allows for the light to live off the backplate as an independent object, while also giving it a stable foundation that grounds the piece. All these details and ideas come together to form a complete product. In essence, a cylinder is not just a shape but a reminder of beauty in simplicity.

MATERIALS: Engineered Polymer, Steel
TYPE: Hardwired
SOCKET: Type G8, Max 7W
LIGHT SOURCE: G8 4.5W, 90+ CRI, 410 lm

DIMENSIONS: L 5" x W 5" x H 6"
CORD LENGTH: 72” (up to 150”)
WEIGHT: 2.78 lbs