Humanhome is a fast growing design studio and manufacture of architectural lighting. Established in 2017, we are building a dedicated team of creatives and makers - passionate about perfecting our craft and becoming leaders in our field. We value our time, we strive for incremental growth everyday and believe it is our responsibility to improve the future. Humanhome is looking for equally motivated, focused and responsible individuals to join our team.

To apply, email your resume and cover letter to



Job Description:
Our Assembly technician is the foundation of our company, putting together individual parts to create our unique lighting fixtures. This is a very hands-on role that requires fine motor skills. Must be detailed orientated and follow instructions to assemble partsv while preventing damage. Tasks include preparing sockets and wiring to specific specifications. Each Assembler is responsible for completing tasks efficiently and on time.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
Read work orders, follow production instructions and sample assemblies
Prepare individual components to exacting specifications
Position and align parts to create sub-assemblies
Assemble products and sub-assemblies to a high level of quality, within the allocated time
Willing to perform repetitive tasks while sitting or standing for extended periods of time
Contribute to improving quality and efficiency in our manufacturing process
Maintain a clean and organized work environment

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
A successful applicant must be dedicated, responsible, detail-oriented, well-organized, efficient and capable of working closely and communicating with others in the team. Has two years experience in manufacturing or relevant industry. Demonstrates a strong work ethic. Is flexible and resourceful to get the job done. Has excellent written and verbal communication skills. General technical dexterity, dedication, and organization are strongly valued.