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SQ Sconce

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SQ Sconce - a rectilinear form undergoes a series of changes and refinements to become something new. The process is similar to working like a sculptor facing a large slab of marble. The design is hidden within awaiting to be discovered, to be chiseled, carved, and manipulated to arrive at its final form. The end product is a tastefully scalloped piece that has been rotated so that you are subtly confronted with an edge that blends in with the adjacent sides. These scallops give the product a pinstripe like effect that makes for interesting pattern and texture to add to a space. Its open ends allow for the light to cast an ambient glow through the shade and onto the wall.

MATERIALS: Engineered Polymer, Steel
TYPE: Hardwired
SOCKET: Type G8, Max 7W
LIGHT SOURCE: G8 4.5W, 90+ CRI, 410 lm

DIMENSIONS: L 4.23" x W 3.98" x H 9.75"
WEIGHT: 1.84 lbs